Four Safety Tips For the Exotic Pet Owner

As an exotic pet owner, you have the responsibility of making sure you, your family, your local community and your pet are safe. Therefore you need to know all about your pet including its temperament and habits so no harm is done to anybody. Here are four safety tips to be aware of.

1. Handling:

There are many exotic pets and they vary in the degree of handling required of them. Some pets are easier to tame than others.You need to respect the pet you own. If it does not like being touched or carried, then don’t. A pet will probably bite you to tell you its feelings. If you pick a pet up and it struggles to get away, then do not pick the pet up. Exotic pets can be dangerous, poisonous or harbour dangerous germs that can make you very ill. You will know your pet and what amount of handling is appropriate and safe. However they can sometimes be very unpredictable and may not give you any warning before they lash out and strike you. Therefore you need to be very cautious when allowing younger children to handle your pet.

So if you are handling your exotic pet it is a great idea to do it appropriate moments where the atmosphere is calm and focused. Holding your interesting friend during your child’s 6th birthday is not really that suitable for you or the pet. Or bringing them out of their cage to show someone who is afraid of your pet. It is wise not to bring out the pet tarantula if this someone has arachnophobia. There is plenty of time to have an enjoyable interaction once the phobic person or people leave. When you handle your pet all you need to do is keep an eye out for any signs of problems and then end the interaction immediately should one arise.

2. Escape Proof Cage:

You need to make sure that the cage of your wonderful being is properly secured and that the creature can not escape.

For instance:
~ snakes or creepy crawly creatures do not come when called upon. So if they escape then it is not a pleasant experience to capture them
~ rats and other rodents are very capable of escaping from their “nest”. So you need to keep a careful watch out of them as they are very destructive away from home.
~ hamsters can be intelligent enough to find props to escape from captivity eg climbing up neighbouring curtains which have been pulled though the cage bars by them, to the top of the cage and out, never to be seen again!

3. Wash Your Hands:

After handling a pet, make sure you and your families hands are washed thoroughly as exotic pets can habour germs on their fur or skin. Do not allow any person to eat while handling an exotic pet.

4. Food:

As an owner of an exotic pet or two you need to make sure that they get human food as some items are highly toxic for some species. There is an exception though. Guinea pigs need vitamin C to help prevent them getting scurvy which they are prone to getting and so they get vitamin C from fruits and vegetables which humans eat.

So if you can feed your pet the correct food, handle it to its requirements, check it frequently for no Houdini escape artist action and wash your hands lots, then you are obviously owning the right pet. But always keep the four safety tips for the pet owner on file for reference in case you have a memory lapse or want to add an extra pet to your family

Choosing the Right Pet For Your Family – Pet Birds

Birds make fantastic pets. They are much cheaper to feed and maintain than cats and dogs and they have very likable personalities too.

Many different species of parrots can be trained to speak and do amazing tricks. They are also very affectionate animals.

There are many different birds now available for pets. Some are much easier to keep, like budgies and cockatiels and others can be quite difficult like some of the larger parrots and specialty finches.

Before you purchase your pet, make sure that you understand what its needs are. The cage is the most expensive item you can purchase for your bird and if it is not right, you may be looking at buying another. Make sure that it is the right size – not too big or too small. Make sure that the distance between the bars is not too big that your bird can fit through too. Also make sure the feeder coups or cups are easy to remove and clean; and replace – many cages sit empty in garages because the feeders are not replaceable.

Budgies are probably the easiest and cheapest of all the birds. They are also full of personality and spunk and will be a wonderful addition to any household. They are cheap to buy and would only cost a few dollars a month to keep.

Also make sure that you understand what the lifespan of your new pet bird will be. Many people don’t realise this and end up facing pet bills for many years longer than they expected. And unlike, cats and dogs it is difficult to re-home many pet birds at professional shelters.

When choosing finches and canaries always look for healthy birds that interact with each other and that are moving quickly about the cage.

Birds that have puffed up feathers and are quiet are often hiding illness so it is best to avoid purchasing these. Also look for patches of balding, missing toes and signs of wounds. These signs don’t necessarily mean that the bird is going to die but it may be living in a stressful environment and may have difficulties settling in to a new home.

Birds are not expensive pets unless you want one of the more exotic parrots. Hand reared and tamed birds are more expensive than untrained ones but make much more interesting pets because they have already bonded with a human. You can try and tame a bird yourself but ask your local pet shop for advice as there are some skills too.

Don’t get fooled into purchasing an expensive bird that is the ‘latest’ fashion. Some colours are rare and essential the bird’s character and personality will be the same. Green budgies are common and people are less likely to buy them than blue or yellow ones and yet they make just as good pets and in most cases are hardier. For this reason, some pet stores price their birds on colour or wing pattern; the rarer ones being more expensive.

Like all pets, birds not only need food and water, they need entertaining and companionship. If you do not have the time for your bird, then consider getting another one to keep it company or purchase a mirror. Make sure that you get compatible sexes so there is no fighting. Female budgies, for example, are more aggressive on the whole and it is easier to keep two males than two females. Most female parrots are more aggressive and can be more difficult to train. Female cockatiels don’t talk but males do and males make better pets.

Newman’s Own Organics – Raising the Bar on Dog Food

If you are planning to buy an organic dog food, you will find a number of different types to choose from. While each brand differs in taste, they are made to be extremely healthy. One type that stands out among the pack is Newman’s Own Organics.

Newman’s Own recently updated their formulas to offer new concepts in dog food nutrition by creating diets that are holistic in nature. The main features of this product line is that they contain natural, human grade meats, use whole grains, include essential vitamins and minerals, are designed to be highly digestible and promote healthy skin and coat.

Newman’s Own Organics has two new formulas that have complete and balanced nutrition. They have an adult chicken and rice diet and an advanced diet for puppies and older dogs. Each have a unique blend of goodness including natural chicken, organic brown rice and vegetables, are naturally preserved with vitamin E and contain other essential vitamins and minerals.

Now you know about all the good stuff in Newman’s Own Organics, but it is also important to let you know what is not. These tasty meals are all natural and organic, which means they contain no artificial flavors or colorings. They are also free of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides and chemical additives. Plus, they use no corn or wheat in their formulas, a common allergen.

Some of the benefits of these organic dog foods include a healthy skin and coat because of the omega fatty acids present, antioxidants to help boost the immune system, chelated minerals which help with the absorption of nutrients and probiotics which help support intestinal health.

There is no question that an organic dog food can make your dog’s dining experience much more enjoyable. Newman’s Own Organics is one of the more widely known brands of this category. If you want to give the very best for your canine and want a happy and healthy lifestyle for them ,I recommend giving this product a try.