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Guide to Buying the Right Thermostat Having a thermostat in your home is important to save your energy bills. When you want to buy a thermostat, there are a number of things you should consider. Many people simply consider the style, features and brand of the thermostat they want to buy. However, while these factors should be considered, they are not the most important. Below is an overview of 4 important factors to consider before buying a thermostat. Your Current System There are various terms you should know before starting to search for a new thermostat. Among the terms you should understand are “single’, “two stage” and “three stage”. You can know the output of a furnace based on the term it’s associated with. You can know how efficient a furnace is based on its stage rating.
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Among the devices or units you have, only one of them can work with multiple stages. You can however get thermostats that have 3 cool and 4 heat functions.
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Customizing the Thermostat’s Settings Before purchasing a thermostat, consider whether it can be customized to your needs. To do this, evaluate your current living situation. For example, do you spend most of your weekends away? Most thermostats can work well in their default settings. After installing the device, you only need to press a button to heat or cool and select the temperature you would like. Such a thermostat is good for anyone who does not mind waiting for their desired temperature to be reached. You can also purchase advanced thermostats that can be customized based on your routines. For instance, you can set the thermostat to maintain a specific temperature during the week and change to a different one over the weekends. Some thermostats can even be customized by the hour. A thermostat that can memorize your schedule would be best for a person who needs a lot of customization. Will the Thermostat Lower Your Energy Consumption? You should also consider whether the thermostat you want to buy will enable you to save energy. After installing a thermostat, your energy bills should start going down. You can save money by using a programmable model that can learn your schedule. Some thermostats can even produce reports showing how much energy you have used over a certain period. Can You Control the Thermostat Remotely? You should get a thermostat can be remotely accessed if you would like to have control of your home HVAC when you are still in the office. However, keep in mind that you will need a Wi-Fi connection when first installing the thermostat. When you install a thermostat that can be accessed remotely, there are various ways in which you can save money. For instance, you will be able to switch off the thermostat remotely in case you will not be going home from work.