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The State of Animal Cruelty and Ignorance to It

The world is not what it used to be. Every time you turn on the news, you are served with more and more cases of how people have grown ever more violent towards even their offspring. With time, people tend to get less affected by what they hear, till it sounds normal. This is why we have so many people who do not care about what is going on around them. We need to make a change to all this.

Children are growing to accept this status quo. They too are getting more and more comfortable with random acts of violence. Nobody gets too concerned when something tragic happens to a neighbor. We shall only be bothered by the number of children suffering out there, so long as ours are safely home.

Every time we ignore what is presented to us in shocking detail, we kill that humane side of our lives that is supposed to guide us to do better. We see people being harmed, human trafficking, slavery, and yet we do not rise in protest. This is why reports of animal cruelty do not get the reaction they deserve. This is why there is such a large number of animals currently suffering, with no one to protect them. You will hear of so many incidents of animal testing, where the experiments leave them dead in the most horrific manner. The meat industry is also a culprit in such acts.

People are also actively getting violent against animals in their neighborhoods. People who keep pets may find this absurd. It is, however, the reality of so many animals out there.

The way these animals suffer goes to show people how far we have come as a society. The strong are oppressing the weak more and more. This would explain why someone would find it normal to injure a harmless and peaceful pet. Pets are dependent on people for their survival. They would never start haring their owners. This means we need to amend the way we treat these animals.

It is important for everyone to rise up and do something about this. There is no shortage of animals that need someone to go out of their way to help them. This will be the beginning of the end when people say that they see there is a problem. There is a problem when people go missing and nobody bothers following up. We need to do the same for animals, every time it is announced that something like that has happened. We need to join in the efforts of organizations such as the Humane Society of the United States. It is out there campaigning for the protection of the rights of these animals. When you support them, it goes a long way.

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