Finally a Shade Umbrella That Stands Up to the Wind

Shade umbrellas are as much a part of warm weather as suntan lotion and bathing suits. The oversized umbrellas offer protection from the sun and make it possible to enjoy activities like outdoor dining or reading. However, most are not made to withstand high winds, which can turn umbrellas inside out or even cause some to lift off their stands. That is why, with these problems in mind, Australian design professionals invented the Finbrella, a wind-resistant shade umbrella that is available in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes.

A Windy City Inspired a Unique Umbrella

The idea for a wind-resistant umbrella was, like so many innovations, born of necessity. A group of creative Perth, Australia, residents realized that few shade umbrellas could survive the area’s high winds. That spurred them to design a durable, good-looking version with features that keep it stable in the windiest conditions. They named it the Finbrella. Their design ideas and product information are available online at

Umbrellas Incorporate Exceptional Quality

Wind stable umbrellas include unique anchoring systems and canopies. They are created using high-quality materials and manufacturing processes. The umbrellas are named Finbrellas because each contains a fin that behaves like a windmill. Fins turn and align the canopies in order to maintain the ideal stability. Customers can choose from a range of anchoring systems that include movable camlock, movable low profile, and ground spike bases.

Wind Stable Shade Umbrellas Also Offer Style

Customers who are interested in buying wind-stable shade umbrellas can find a range of stylish choices. For example, shoppers may choose from a variety of colorful umbrella canopies made from Recacril fabric. The solution-dyed woven acrylic material offers exceptional sun and weather protection. Clients may also choose from a variety of bright, beautiful products created using Olefin, a woven polyolefin fabric. In addition, manufacturers offer an elegant artists’ series of canopies, and clients may request custom printed umbrellas.

An Australian company now offers a line of wind-resistant shade umbrellas that are available in a range of beautiful styles and colors. Umbrellas are carefully manufactured using high-quality materials and are sold in five different sizes.