What Can A Personal Injury Attorney Do For You?

A personal injury attorney can help accident victims who have suffered an injury receive the compensation they deserve due to the negligence of another driver. Attempting to negotiate with an insurance company alone can prove to be a losing proposition. An insurance company will attempt many games and various types of pressure to get an accident victim to settle for far less than they are legally entitled to receive. A personal injury lawyer understands these various pressure tactics used by the insurance company and won’t let them continue to hassle an injured victim when they need to spend their time recovering.

At The Scene Of The Accident

It’s important to call the police after an accident has happened. Insurance companies will often use the police report to determine who is at fault. A driver or their passengers should never admit blame to the other driver or to the police because it will be documented in their report.

Receiving Medical Treatment

If an individual is injured, they shouldn’t wait days or weeks to receive the medical treatment they need. An insurance company will use this against them and try to claim they received the injuries someplace other than the accident. Prompt medical treatment and prescribed follow-up should always be followed.

What Is An Injured Victim Entitled To?

An injured victim may be entitled to lost wages as a result of the injuries they received. Payment of medical bills and pain and suffering can also be part of the claim against the negligent insurance company. If an individual passes away because of their injuries, the family could be entitled to file a wrongful death claim on behalf of their loved one.

Wrongful Death

When an individual passes away because of injuries they received, past and future wages could be calculated into the settlement. Funeral expenses, medical bills, and many other items could be part of the compensated portion of the claim. Any money that is received will be disbursed into the estate or to the family member who filed the claim.

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident, it’s important to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after an accident to protect your rights.