Why Britons Are Giving the Latest Ypsilon a Second Look

British citizens who have long favored Fiat’s small, well made cars are now showing more than a little interest in an updated Ypsilon. Originally marketed as the Lancia Ypsilon, the New Ypsilon is offered to British customers with Chrysler branding. The latest version is offered in a range of colors and with a choice of engines. It also includes amenities that contribute to a user-friendly driving experience.

What Is the Ypsilon?

The original auto now known as the Ypsilon was created and introduced by an Italian manufacturer. It was designed to provide a comfortable driving experience, a rainbow of color choices and elements like a unique instrument cluster. It was also built on the identical platform as a popular Fiat series. Each car included five seats. Several generations have been marketed, with the latest being sold under the Chrysler Brand, a Fiat-owned company. The most recent design offers 5 doors and Fiat style.

Good Looks and Power in a Small Package

The current Ypsilon is definitely designed with good looks in mind. In fact, the model’s original marketing stated that it would, “liberate luxury”. Some of the elegant touches that fulfill that promise include two-tone paint options and upscale leather elements. However, this car is not just another pretty face. Customers can opt for models that include an e 875cc, 84bhp, turbocharged two-cylinder TwinAir engine with remarkable zip. They may also choose a 68bhp 1.2 or 1.3-litre, 94bhp turbodiesel.

Owners Enjoy Impressive Amenities

In addition to all of its other consumer-friendly touches, the Ypsilon strives to provide a pleasant driving experience. Customers can order an optional leather package that includes a centre console, glovebox and door casings with soft-skinned mouldings. The car includes electric power steering and test drivers have described the ride and handling as soft-edged. Coming in at a price range of £10,700 to £16,000, it is definitely a car that is getting a lot of second looks.

The newest version of the Ypsilon has been capturing the attention of British car buyers. With more than a passing resemblance to the popular Fiat, the Ypsilon includes eye-catching design, a speedy engine and enough amenities to ensure a comfortable driving experience.