4 Ways to Increase Website Traffic

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Similarly, if a company designs a great-looking website and no one visits it, does it really exist? While forming long-term digital marketing strategies takes effort and time, there are ways to simplify the process. Try these tips to increase website traffic.

Regularly Post Relevant, Fresh Content

Creating valuable, unique content is the best way to drive website traffic. A recent study showed that companies with more than 11 monthly blog posts received more than seven times the leads received by companies without blogs. Operating a blog doesn’t have to be a drain on a company’s resources, either. Use tools such as Quora to find out what people are curious about and set aside a couple of hours per week to write posts on relevant topics.

Tighten Up Keywords and Metadata

Most websites have a few pages with outdated metadata, or worse, no metadata at all. With a quick audit, the site owner can ensure there’s a keyword-dense meta description, H1 heading, and page title on each page. If the site is based on WordPress, free plugins make it easy to add important metadata to every page.

Be Active on Social Media

Once a site owner is accustomed to the creation of compelling and useful content, they should share links on social media. If the company’s marketing budget is big enough, a Facebook ad campaign can increase the site’s visibility and drive targeted traffic.

Practice Internal Linking

Internal links are those from one page on the site to another. A link to another page from a relevant blog post will improve the linked page’s search ranking as well as the site’s overall architecture. When adding internal links, use keywords in the anchor text to improve rankings for those terms and to encourage users to click links.


There are many ways to bring traffic to a website, but these are some of the simplest and most effective. By following these tips, small business owners can compete on an even footing with larger companies.