Pet Friendly Hotels With Over-The-Top Pet Pampering

As pet lovers, we know it’s just not a vacation if we don’t bring our family’s four-legged member! Vacations are about enjoying time together, relaxing, and de-stressing. Selecting the right hotel or accommodation that allows pets will make or break your vacation with your dog or cat. Not all pet friendly hotels and accommodations are created equal. Did you know that many accommodations offer our pets the same amenities that we get? Hotels know how important our dogs and cats are to us, so they are offering an array of different pet services and amenities to make our furry ones feel right at home when they travel. With more and more pet parents refusing to travel without their pets, it only makes sense for hotels and other accommodations to start catering to the whole family.

Pet Welcome Packs & Stocked Rooms

Don’t you just love it when you get to your room and there is a nice packet of goodies waiting for you? Maybe with some snacks, bottled water, nice toiletries, and some information on area activities? Well your dog or cat can also get a nice welcome package depending on where you’re staying. If you’re at a Loews Hotel, each pet that stays gets a personal note from the hotel GM with a full list of different activities and services just for your pet. Oftentimes, pet friendly hotels will have food and water dishes, toys, scratching posts and treats like chicken, salmon, or tuna (among many other delicious items). If you peek into a mini bar, you might find some delicious cookies or biscuits for Fido.

It’s also not unheard of for rooms to be equipped with dog and cat beds, complete with pet turn down service and treats each night that they can enjoy while you eat the chocolate left on YOUR pillow. At Boston’s Nine Zero Hotel, their doggie guests are given ID tags and a special room service menu. If you’re staying at New York City’s W hotels, you can also arrange for pet birthday cakes if you happen to be staying there during that special occasion.

Spa Services for Dogs and Cats

Yes, you can schedule a relaxing massage or pawdicure for your pet at the Epic Hotel in Miami. In addition to the VIP (Very Important Pet) amenity delivered to your room upon arrival, your pampered pet can get a bubble bath, nail trim, and massage! If you’re at the Casa Laguna Inn & Spa in Laguna Beach, you can schedule a massage for both you and your pet. The masseuse and pet massage therapist will come right to your guest suite – the lap of luxury!

Pet Psychics & Events

Did you ever want to learn about your pets’ past lives? Well, as part of Affinia Hotels’ Jet Set Pets Program, your pet can have a reading from a pet psychic. Not only can you learn if your dog was a cat in a past life, but you can find out what your pet is thinking, as well as communicate with a pet that has passed over.

When you’re in Alexandria, Virginia at Hotel Monaco, get ready for Doggie Happy Hour where it’s all about the pooches. Every Tuesday and Thursday from 5 to 8 PM, from April through October, Hotel Monaco goes to the dogs! Complimentary doggie treats are served along with unlimited fresh water keeping the pooches happy, while adult human cocktails and pub fare ensure a fun gathering for all.

Some Kimpton Hotels host pet costume parties where you can dress up your pets and get together for some fun so everyone can get to know each other. Many pet friendly hotels host meet-and-greets and cocktail parties where humans and pets alike can socialize.

Other Pet Friendly Services

Ever receive a questionnaire from a hotel prior to your stay so that you can tell them exactly what kind of services you’re looking for? The Peninsula Beverly Hills does just that and even sends pet preference surveys! It gives the hotel a chance to know what your dog or cat might be interested in doing and which services she will want to partake in. Many properties offer pet sitting services, dog walking services, and even a concierge to arrange any additional pet pampering.

Surf’s Up! Let your dog hang 20 at the Loews Coronado Bay Resort in California. This resort gives dog surfing lessons alongside their human so they can both enjoy some time in the sand and surf. At the Arizona Biltmore, you can sign your dog up for some Doga (dog yoga) classes if your canine needs to regain some Zen.

It’s not just the posh pet friendly hotels that are offering all of these wonderful things for our pets. There has been a large movement over the last few years in many hotel chains, vacation rentals, motels, and bed and breakfasts to make sure traveling dogs and cats are comfortable during vacations as well. One of the best parts of this trend is the welcoming attitude that accompanies all of the services. Pets are treated with the same love and respect that they receive from their own family members.

How to Choose the Right Pet Gate For a Dog

Pet gates come in all sizes, colours, design style and prices. Usually, there are three methods of attachment to the doorway. One is to drill holes for the brackets. This is a more permanent type of gate and will damage woodwork but can easily be repaired later on. Another is the pressure mounted gate. This type of gate will fit very snugly against a small doorway, but not against one larger. The last method is the free standing or walk through gate. In this instance the pet can watch his owner and feel safe and secure on the other side. This is because the wooden slats are spaced enough apart the dog doesn’t feel isolated or closed off.

Pet owners who have acquired a new puppy will usually seek out advice on which types of pet gates are best. They wish to protect the puppy while securing him at the same time in one area, such as the kitchen. Usually, when a puppy is being housebroken, the kitchen floor is easier for cleaning up accidents than the plush carpet in the living room. Once the puppy is housebroken, his owners may wish to let him come sit with them, because they will be assured he will not make a mess anywhere. Other reasons for buying a barrier is when a dog is ill, or elderly and there are active children in the home. The gate protects the dog from rough handling and the kids from being possibly bitten.

Some pet owners, who work outside the home, will purchase walk through pet gates because the dog will not realize he is being confined if he can see through the bars. Instead of restricting the dog, they feel he needs room to move around, so they will place his food, water and crate with toys and blanket inside and open door, in the corner of the kitchen. This act gives the dog the reassurance he may enter his crate at will and he will fell much more safe. If a doorway is very large, most gates have an extender that will allow a tighter fit. For instance, the walk through gate comes in sizes 28-5/16 to 35-3/4 inches. The extender will allow a fit of up to 60 inches. Because this particular gate swings both ways, and allows the dog to view the surroundings beyond the gate, it has become one of the favourites of most pet owners. Before purchasing any gate, measure the width of the doorway chosen to barricade the pet, and then go from there.

Pet Ferret – How Do You Decide?

There are a some serious questions that you should ask yourself before choosing or deciding on getting a pet ferret.

o Do you have the time to care for your pet ferret?
o Do you have enough space to keep a ferret?
o Have you educated yourself about these furry little creatures?

If your answer to all of these questions is a “Yes” then your ready to start the journey of a lifetime.

Ferrets are highly active and mischievous animals who will keep you entertained with their antics. They are extremely intelligent and hence litter training your pet ferret is not difficult at all. However, since they are extremely active you will need to make sure to get rid of items that are dangerous for them. Once left loose outside their cages they will run all around your home and enjoy every moment of their freedom. You will find them scampering around to investigate items that are lying around and trust me, they think everything is theirs.

Your pet ferret requires a cage that is big with enough space for their bedding, food, water and also some space for play. Choosing a cage for your ferret also requires you to check on certain details before you invest in one. For example, you will need a cage with bars that are no wider than 1 inch. This will ensure that your pet does not try to escape through the bars and/or get their head stuck while trying to get out. A specialized ferret cage is an ideal investment that takes care of minute details like flooring, bar spacing and even the area inside the cage.

Your pet ferret will also need a lot of attention like bathing, grooming, feeding, brushing their teeth and other ferret care requirements that will ensure their well-being and good health. Pet ferrets are very active in nature and love to play around. Give them a toy and they will spend hours and hours playing with it. There is an old saying about ferrets that I have found to be absolutely true, “A Ferret Can Never Have Too Many Toys!” However, a pet ferret prefers playing with you. This not only keeps them busy and entertained but you can also enjoy yourself in this daily-required activity. Yes, I said daily. Ferrets require a lot of your time, everyday.

Ferrets are generally nosey little animals and they love inspecting every corner of your house. If you think that you have put everything away, you haven’t. It is just a matter of time before your pet ferret finds it. Everyday is a huge adventure and they love every bit of it. Their curiosity will normally lead them in some trouble, which could be a misadventure for you. It is therefore important to keep things out of their reach and hidden in a safe place.

When your pet ferret is out of his/her cage, ensure that you are with them. Leaving your ferret unsupervised is not a good idea, for a simple fact that these nosey animals could swallow things or get themselves into trouble. Also make sure that you do not keep plants around their play area as they may be toxic for your little friend.

If you want to keep a pet ferret, make sure you learn everything you possibly can about them. I have written an eBook myself about them and you will find other educational books on ferrets in pet stores and even online. Choose one that will give you the guidance you need before investing financially as well as emotionally into one of these lovely little friends. Best of luck.