Behind the Bars of Hermit Crab Cages

Hermit crab cages are important for hermit crabs because it provides a safe and comfortable shelter for them. It must have all your crab needs like food, water, dishes, and play toys, substrate and climbing accessories. Hermit crab cages can be set up by providing all the materials to make it look and feel like home especially for your hermit crabs. Provide a big cage for them to have a large space to be able for them to roam and climb anywhere they want to. These species are really fond of climbing and roaming around.

Setting up hermit crab cages starts by choosing a large cage that will hold all your hermit crabs and other necessary accessories. Cages must be at least a ten gallon tank and must have substrates to be able for your pets to dig in and hide in. These species love to dig in so you must put substrates like play sands, coconut fibre or fine gravel in their cages. Put also extra shells in their cages because hermit crabs change their shell as they molt. You can buy these shells in all pet stores. Boil them with dechlorinated water before putting it in the cage for your hermit crabs.

Hermit crab cages is cleaned every once a month to ensure a germ free environment. Clean the cage by removing all the things inside the cage even your hermits. Place them in another safe container. Wash the cage with the use of water and vinegar only. Never use soap in washing the cage and accessories for soaps have harmful substances that are bad for your pet. Remove the substrate and place in a bucket. Strain it to remove waste and other debris in it. Rinse the cage thoroughly until you have removed all the dirt in it. Let materials dry or wipe it with paper towels or rags.

These are the information you need to know about hermit crab cages. Now is the time for you to buy one for your hermits. Just make sure it’s big enough for the whole group. Always provide them good shelter to keep them happy and comfortable through the years behind bars.