Newman’s Own Organics – Raising the Bar on Dog Food

If you are planning to buy an organic dog food, you will find a number of different types to choose from. While each brand differs in taste, they are made to be extremely healthy. One type that stands out among the pack is Newman’s Own Organics.

Newman’s Own recently updated their formulas to offer new concepts in dog food nutrition by creating diets that are holistic in nature. The main features of this product line is that they contain natural, human grade meats, use whole grains, include essential vitamins and minerals, are designed to be highly digestible and promote healthy skin and coat.

Newman’s Own Organics has two new formulas that have complete and balanced nutrition. They have an adult chicken and rice diet and an advanced diet for puppies and older dogs. Each have a unique blend of goodness including natural chicken, organic brown rice and vegetables, are naturally preserved with vitamin E and contain other essential vitamins and minerals.

Now you know about all the good stuff in Newman’s Own Organics, but it is also important to let you know what is not. These tasty meals are all natural and organic, which means they contain no artificial flavors or colorings. They are also free of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides and chemical additives. Plus, they use no corn or wheat in their formulas, a common allergen.

Some of the benefits of these organic dog foods include a healthy skin and coat because of the omega fatty acids present, antioxidants to help boost the immune system, chelated minerals which help with the absorption of nutrients and probiotics which help support intestinal health.

There is no question that an organic dog food can make your dog’s dining experience much more enjoyable. Newman’s Own Organics is one of the more widely known brands of this category. If you want to give the very best for your canine and want a happy and healthy lifestyle for them ,I recommend giving this product a try.