Raising the Bar – Advantages of Using Elevated Dog Bowls

Though they are practically leaping with excitement the minute your hand touches the food bag, are your dogs really happy and comfortable when they are eating their meals? Chances are, even though they seem to be thrilled with their dinner, they might not be as comfortable as they look, eating their food out of dog bowls on the floor.

Larger dogs and older dogs may actually be extremely uncomfortable when eating out of a bowl on the floor. The bending and stooping that is needed to reach their food can prove painful, especially in older dogs. Many people have turned to using elevated dog bowls for feeding their larger and aging pets, and are seeing wonderful benefits.

Less Mess To Clean Up

When dogs eat their food and drink water from bowls on the floor, there is usually a large amount of spillage and mess. The awkward eating position causes them to spill food over the sides of their bowls and water dishes are easily stepped on. Even spill-proof water dishes can’t compete with a strategically placed paw. By raising the bowls off the floor, many of these spills and messes are completely eliminated.

Less Strain On Joints and Muscles

By using a bowl that is the right height for your dog, they will have much less strain and discomfort to the muscles and joints, particularly in the neck and shoulder areas. For dogs that suffer from arthritis, most vets recommend that owners raise their dogs’ food to increase their comfort level. Even for taller dogs, raised bowls can improve their posture when eating and prevent potential problems with the neck, back and shoulders.

Less Excess Air Swallowed

When a dog eats in an awkward position, they have a tendency to swallow a large amount of air. This can cause gas and bloating that is very uncomfortable and bothersome. When a dog eats from an elevated bowl, less air will be swallowed and digestion will be much easier on the animal.

At a first look, many people see elevated dog bowls and think that they are made for spoiled dogs that are too lazy to bend over to eat their food. However, purchasing an elevated food dish for your dog is not spoiling them; it is simply a matter of making them happier and more comfortable.